City of Satellites

"...You know when you catch a faint smell of something that totally spins you out and reminds you of something you haven’t thought about since you were six, completely changing your day? City of Satellites have synthesised this feeling into music…" Drum Media

City of Satellites is an Australian duo from two cities thousands of miles apart.

Tin Manzano’s re-working of the title track from City of Satellites’ debut album Machine Is My Animal weaves and loops the original’s guitar hook amid electronic beats and surging, breathy textures. The result is a gorgeously seductive instrumental, in which restraint and space are as alluring as the sounds blooming across the stereo field. The track is accompanied by this gorgeous music video from Adelaide-based Studio Sunkie (director Nima Nabilirad and producer/colourist/editor Daniel Principe). The emotional resonance between sound and vision is completely compelling and the video’s mini-narrative is saturated in the kind of melancholic hope that the song exudes.

Machine is My Animal video directors Nima Nabili Rad and Daniel Principe are co-founders of the creative collective Studio Sunkie | Young Black Youth and have dedicated the last few years to creating original and imaginative digital content for musicians, companies and brands in Australia and abroad.

Nima is also a multi-award winning cinematographer and his recently completed sophomore short film effort as a director entitled Beta is poised to hit the international festival circuit. Daniel works as a freelance editor and colourist for film and television and is currently engaged as the series colourist for the hotly anticipated SBS action comedy WWII show Danger 5 slated for release next year.

Machine Is My Animal by City of Satellites
Remixed by Tin Manzano

A Studio Sunkie | Young Black Youth Production

Directors/Producers: Nima Nabili Rad & Daniel Principe
Director of Photography: Nima Nabili Rad
Editor/Colourist: Daniel Principe
Make Up Artists: Anita Rutter, Yassmin Abdo

Boy: Eli Johnson
Girl: Zahra Ball
Postman: Nicholas Ely
Mother: Carly Whittaker

To our good friend Josh Van Looy who helped us with developing the story.