City of Satellites

"...You know when you catch a faint smell of something that totally spins you out and reminds you of something you haven’t thought about since you were six, completely changing your day? City of Satellites have synthesised this feeling into music…" Drum Media

City of Satellites is an Australian duo from two cities thousands of miles apart.

The Spook (2008)



Across its three expansive tracks, The Spook covers more musical and emotional ground than most full-length albums. Majestic synthscapes are punctuated by pounding rhythms, melodic themes are afforded the space and time to elegantly unfold, and the whole amounts to so much more than the sum of its undeniably beautiful parts.

The full length version of single ‘Moon In The Sea’ opens the EP with delayed guitars, bass and drums swathed in an eerie mist of synths and chimes, above which Jarrod Manuel’s emotive vocals shine clear and true. Then, the loping grandeur of ‘Sleeping Disgrace’ threads backwards guitar loops and drones through a landscape of post-rock-coated opium pop. And the stunning title track sends shivers up the spine as it layers soaring synths across a glistening bed of guitars, bringing the listener back down to earth as its draw the EP to a close. Like all the best atmospheric music, the whole EP breathes and throbs with life, ebbing and flowing beautifully throughout its near-25-minute running time.