City of Satellites

"...You know when you catch a faint smell of something that totally spins you out and reminds you of something you haven’t thought about since you were six, completely changing your day? City of Satellites have synthesised this feeling into music…" Drum Media

City of Satellites is an Australian duo from two cities thousands of miles apart.

The Momentary Mask (2013)



This 17-minute collection of 4 new tracks see the trio stride boldly in a refreshing and ambitious new direction while distilling their melodic sophistication and depth of sonic composition further beyond that typically present in today’s rock music. Tighter structures and newly succinct arrangements form the fabric throughout which the City of Satellites weave their signature glacial atmospherics, shimmery guitars, celestial vocals and potent rhythms.

With a sound and presence that has been described as ethereal and haunting, City of Satellites has embarked on a wide-eyed cosmic ride with ‘The Momentary Mask’. New realms of stratospheric highs and wistful star-gazing are tempered by deeply introspective moments reminiscent of the solitary wonder of an urban sprawl glimmering in the night.