City of Satellites

"...You know when you catch a faint smell of something that totally spins you out and reminds you of something you haven’t thought about since you were six, completely changing your day? City of Satellites have synthesised this feeling into music…" Drum Media

City of Satellites is an Australian duo from two cities thousands of miles apart.

REMIXED (2011)



Remixed sees tracks from City Of Satellites’ debut EP The Spook and album Machine Is My Animal receive the remix treatment from Manual, Syntaks, Tim Koch, Slow Dancing Society, Jatun, Tin Manzano and M-13. Tin Manzano’s remix of the title track from Machine Is My Animal is a gorgeously seductive instrumental, where restraint and space are as alluring as the sounds blooming across the stereo field. Syntaks bring their trademark wavering dream-gaze to ‘Victor! Burn City Lights’, resulting in a tantalising, sticky web of melody and beats. M-13’s take on ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ bitcrushes the original to produce an incredibly addictive slice of dreamy electroclash.

Slow Dancing Society’s remix of ‘Moon in the Sea’ (from The Spook EP) is as epic and mesmerising as anyone familiar with the SDS catalogue would expect. Tim Koch’s restructuring of ‘BMX’ is masterful, rebuilt from the inside out into stunning avant-pop architecture. Jatun renders ‘Control’ as a fuzzed-out shoegaze surge, before Manual (Jonas Munk) closes the album with his remix of ‘Skeletons’, blurry and sensuous as a half-remembered dream.